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Scott Chambers

Scott Chambers

Scott Chambers

About the Craftsman
"Boatbuilding has been a tradition in the Chambers family for over 120 years. From the early day shipyards in Scotland to the local boat yards of the 1950's, ships have been a major part of our lives."

"Scarcity of building materials and a declining demand for wooden ships are bringing to an end the ancient art of wooden boatbuilding."

"The plans that I have accumulated are all that remain of many of these vessels. I hope that this form of art may help preserve this nation's rich maritime heritage."

Crafted in Tradition
A craftsman shaping a half-hull was a familiar sight in seaport towns for over 190 years. Since 1973, that scene has been recreated in the workshop of Half-Hull Classics by Scott Chambers.

At this work bench you might see this craftsman shaping the hull of a Gloucester schooner. Using only hand tools he will shape the various laminated layers or "lifts" that make up the half-hull. You will find the plans or "lines drawings" of the vessels c lose at hand to assure accuracy. Templates are made from these plans and precisely fitted at a series of points along the hull. This process is very time consuming, but is needed to duplicate the ship's true hull contour.

The History of Half Hulls
Since 1790 it has been customary for shipwrights to fashion a half-model of a ship prior to construction. Handcrafted forms similar to these enabled the builder to study and perfect hull design before a complete set of plans were drawn. These models were not only functional but were often used to adorn the walls of ship yard offices.

After the half-hull is finish sanded, several coats of enamels are applied. The hull is then mounted on a finished mahogany, cherry, or oak plaque and an engraved brass plate is attached denoting the vessel's name, building dates, etc.

The finished product is a half-hull crafted in the fine traditions of
generations past.

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