1929 - 2016

James Harrington
'Potomac River'

James Harrington
'Getting Ready to Race'

James Harrington
'Ladies Launching'

James Harrington
'Making Ready'

James Harrington
'Dockside Action'

Virtually self-taught, Harrington paints with all the warmth, light and romance of the great Impressionist painters. Much of his inspiration comes from time spent in Nova Scotia and Nantucket, which serves as the framework of his portrayals of turn-of-the-century watermen and those who worked and took their leisure by the sea. Starting with just the hint of an idea, Harrington first lays color on the canvas with a linen rag, creating the impression of a scene. Moving to brushes, he continues to layer on paint, finally revealing a scene awash with harmonious color combination and expressive postures. He is a member of the American Society of Marine Artists and his paintings received Awards of Excellence in the 1983 and 1987 Mystic International exhibitions.

Most recently Jim has completed a half-a-million-dollar commission, a series of paintings depicting the people of Washington, D.C., which now hangs in Washington's most exclusive restaurants including the Ebbets Grill, Washington's oldest restaurant.

James Harrington
'Cold Steel'

James Harrington
Frozen Freight'


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