Jerry Melton
'Submarine Chaser'

Jerry Melton

Jerry Melton
Noank Lobster Smack

Jerry Melton

Jerry Melton
'Sandbagger ANNIE, 1880'


I'm a 53 year old model craftsman. I lived in southern California for most of my life and moved to Ft. Smith Arkansas in 1977. I carved my first model boat, a Chris Craft, in or around 1955 . Until about three or four years ago model making was just fun and a hobby I loved, but now its a new career to look forward to.

I'm a scratch-builder. I make my own display cases and 100% of the parts that are used on my models. The names plates are the only things I have made for me. The right set of plans is the key to a well built model, and it's a must. Model ships and boats are works of art that you should enjoy, and remember, they're also an investment.

Most of my models are plank-on-bulkhead construction, and are made from poplar, pear, and mahogany. I use brass in most cases for the metal parts. I roll my own string so I can stay in the right scale for ropes.

Most of my display cases are made from oak or mahogany and can have a plexiglass cube cover or wood frame type. Display tables can also be made.

" Keep your sails high, your bottom low and don't fall overboard "

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