Salman Rashidi
'Drying Sail'

Salman Rashidi
'Point Barrow, Alaska'

Salman Rashidi

Salman Rashidi
'Old Map of The World'

Salman Rashidi
'Castle Hill Lighthouse'

Salman Rashidi

Having loved to draw and paint since childhood, Salman Rashidi was a “born artist”. His uncle bought him paints and pencils, encouraging the blossoming artist in him that his parents tried to discourage. While studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Idaho in the early 1980s, Rashidi learned scrimshaw while on summer break in Hawaii, from friends who, unbeknownst to him at the time, he would be inspired by, and thank, forever.

At the time, Rashidi was living in the Pacific Northwest. As his skill in scrimshaw grew, he realized he would have a better chance at selling his art in New England, and, in 1987, he moved to Massachusetts. Rashidi has enjoyed much success in the Northeast. His passion for the “art of the whalers” has been matched by the enthusiasm of the collectors of his artwork.

Living in New England, says Rashidi, has given him the opportunity to be exposed to the oldest of U.S. history, among that being preserved ships of the old and rich whaling industry, as well as seafaring vessels of pre-Industrial Revolution days. “New England is inundated with these, as well as a rich variety of marine life and land wildlife, which I also portray in my art,” Rashidi proudly states. His favorite art, in fact, is North American wildlife, which he does with much zest and skill.

Rashidi was granted an Award of Excellence at the 1990 Mystic International Marine Art competition, for his entry Whaling Bark California, done on a fossilized Eskimo ice axe.

In 1997, Rashidi was commissioned to scrimshaw a plaque centerpiece for an Associated Press Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented to Walter Cronkite.

Rashidi has enjoyed his work for many years, and derives the greatest pleasure in knowing the patrons of his art feel the same.

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