Len Tantillo
'Kate's Light'

Len Tantillo
'Manhattan, 1660'

Len Tantillo
'TROUW, Dutch Merchant''

Len Tantillo
'Lake of the Iroquois'

Len Tantillo
'Fort Amsterdam'

Len Tantillo
'Passage from Long Island'

Len Tantillo
'Cuiosity of the Maqua'

Len Tantillo
'Rockport Motif'

Len Tantillo was born with an interest in the sea. He was fascinated by the tales of his grandfather’s seagoing adventures as captain of a 200 ton sailing ship on the Mediterranean. His artistic skill and keen interest in the nautical world eventually led him to a career in marine art.

Born and raised in upstate New York, Tantillo attended Rhode Island School of Design. From 1969 to 1976 he worked as an architectural designer and acquired a working knowledge of building design and construction. During his apprenticeship the focus of his work shifted to visual presentation and in 1976 he began working as a free-lance architectural illustrator. In 1980, Tantillo was commissioned to depict a series of 19th century structures from archeological artifacts and historic documents. Similar projects followed; many of which were located along the banks of the Hudson River near Albany, New York. In 1984 he left commercial art and began the full-time pursuit of fine art. The cycle from marine art to architecture to marine art was complete and he has spent the last 22 years creating numerous historical and marine paintings, which have continued to draw a wide audience.

Tantillo’s work clearly shows the combined influence of the luminists of the 19th century and the great marine artists of the past. The blending of his visual story-telling ability and a wonderful sense of adventure and excitement is evident in all of his paintings from 'The Return of the EXPERIMENT', which depicts Captain Stewart Dean’s triumphant return voyage from China, to 'Distress Call', a steam tug rushing to the aid of a disabled freighter on Lake Superior. Detailed observations are translated directly onto canvas and the images are brought to life with is ability to create a magical mood of time and place.

Len's work has appeared in national exhibitions, books, periodicals, and television documentaries in the United States, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. Tantillo’s historical painting of the whaleship, ESSEX, is featured in Nathaniel Philbrick’s book, In the Heart of the Sea. In January of 1999, his work was the subject of a feature article in Sea History magazine in conjunction with the National Maritime Historical Society’s plan to build a replica of the sloop EXPERIMENT. In November of 2000, Tantillo was awarded the prestigious Rudolph J. Schaefer Award at the 21st Annual Mystic International Exhibition at Mystic Seaport. In May of 2002 Russell Sage College awarded Tantillo his first honorary doctorate degree for contributions made by his artwork to public awareness of maritime history.

Len Tantillo is a member of the National Maritime Historical Society and serves on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Marine Artists.

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